When you arrive at a party, the first thing you’ll probably notice is how the place is decorated. Like many people, you admire and marvel at stunning table settings, floor-to-ceiling decorations and the little decorative accents that really round out the place. Indeed, beautiful, elegant décor can transform even the dowdiest place into a gorgeous fantasyland. In order to add some pizzazz to your event, you can use a beautifully designed flower wall to create a great centrepiece for any party, wedding or event.

Event Styling table setting

However, it takes a whole lot more than flowers and fancy tablecloths to create elegance for an event. It is also very important to consider your lighting. It won’t matter if you have the most expensive flowers or silk in your decorations. If your lighting sucks, it destroys the ambience of the party.

Lighting Makes Or Breaks An Event

Proper lighting is a crucial element of any event. It’s one of your most important investments, as lighting can make or break an event. The word photography literally means ‘drawing with light’. Light is essentially a photographer’s best friend. So if you want your event photographs to truly capture the beauty of the people, the venue and all the emotions, you’re going to need some amazing event lights.

Good Event Lighting

It would make perfect sense to assume that your flower wall must share a similar type of lighting setup as the rest of the party. One, as an important component of the event décor, the flower wall must stand out in an exquisite way. Two, as the ‘default’ place where guests can take selfies and pictures, the lighting on your flower wall must be conducive to good photos. If your lighting brings out the beauty of both your guests and the flower wall, your guests will be super pleased and will enjoy themselves more.

Finally, proper lighting anywhere in the venue just makes sense, if you want your guests to feel happy and excited to be there. You’ve taken so much time and effort to choose only the best decorations for your event – why ruin it with poor lighting?

Lighting Enhances The Elegance Of Flower Walls

Fact: flowers love light. In fact, they need sunlight to survive. We enjoy flowers best when we see them in natural light. Unfortunately, most events take place in the evening. That’s why good lighting on your flower wall matters a lot. With the different flowers available, plus different types of creative lighting, you need to find the right balance to perfectly complement your flower wall.

Here’s some great flower wall lighting in the background of this photo – it’s soft and flattering.

Flower Wall Lighting

And here’s a flower wall without any specialty lighting – it doesn’t stand out against its surroundings and for use as a photo backdrop it won’t be great especially since it’s a darker style. This wall would be better suited for outdoor daytime use.

Bad Flower Wall Lighting

Your chosen lighting setup must enhance the gorgeousness of the flower wall, not drown it in unnecessary embellishment like a rainbow of lights. For flower walls whose main purpose is to be a photo backdrop, warm white lighting might be a good option.

You can ask your photographers, event stylists or the lighting crew about how best to illuminate your flower wall to maximise its beauty. The photographs you will get from your event will be your keepsakes for years to come, so make sure that they turn out amazing by investing in proper lighting.