Flower Walls

A wall made of flowers. What a wonderful concept! Maybe someday a flower wall will be the standard.

A flower wall is a wall made entirely of flowers. These are generally around 2.2 meters in height and the width varies depending on the space you have available and the purpose of the flower wall.

Each of our flower walls at Sage has been crafted by our in-house interior designer who chose the flowers from hundreds of samples to get the most realistic and lifelike replicas of the real thing. The colour palette of each wall was designed specifically to complementĀ a certain type of event so that we can cater to you no matter what colour scheme you’re using.

Popular Flower Wall Uses

These walls are surprisingly versatile and are popular among a range of events for different purposes.

Photo Backdrop

There’s not much better than a beautiful backdrop for a social media photo upload (except maybe that amazing sunset lighting streaming into a window!). The flower wall creates the perfect photo backdrop for weddings and events where guests can come together and get single portraits or bigger group shots.

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

We’re all familiar with the bride and groom standing under an arch during their wedding ceremony, but what’s behind them often gets overlooked. Unless the venue allows the backdrop to be naturally beautiful like by the ocean or in the forest, it can be a huge improvement to the overall aesthetic to add a flower wall behind the bridal couple. It’s brilliant for photos and creates the perfect elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Wedding Table Backdrop

If you’re planning on doing the single row wedding table where the whole bridal party are sitting in a line facing out at the guests then you’ll need something behind them. A plain wall looks boring in photos and won’t create the depth and contrast that a flower wall can. Adding a flower wall behind the bridal table will make photos look incredible and really draw attention to where it should be (on the happy couple).

Food or Drink Table Backdrop

A food or drink table has almost endless decoration opportunities, but they’re mostly limited to the table itself which can make it seem overcrowded if there nothing around it to tie it into the rest of the event. Adding a flower wall directly behind or a few meters back from the table can help to tie it into the room nicely and make it more of a focal attraction at your event.

Ceiling Decoration

This can be tricky to accomplish because many venues won’t allow the supports for a floral ceiling to be installed, but if you can sweet-talk your way to getting approval, then a floral wall attached to the ceiling is quite an incredible sight. If a large enough wall is used it can create a feeling of total immersion into an alternate more elegant dimension.

Get creative with the uses of your flower walls, we’ve seen them totally transform a venue so many times, and I’m sure yours won’t be any different.

Here’s our current gallery