Flower walls are a wonderful addition to any event. Aside from providing a focal point to an event’s decoration scheme, flower walls serve as an excellent backdrop for guests to have their photos taken. It’s also a creative way to display those lovely blossoms, adding a touch of colour and life to the event décor.

Because flower walls are decorative embellishments, it is important to consider their placing. Decorations are all about the aesthetic, and so it is natural for event planners and stylists to determine where this all-important centrepiece will go.

While you as the party organiser have the final say on where to place your flower wall, there are some places that are best for displaying these structures. Here are the top three places where flower walls are displayed. This may give you some ideas about where to display yours, to get the most out of it.

Event Entrance

Flower wall at entrance

Some event planners like to display flower walls at the entrance to the event venue. It’s sort of like a huge, warm welcome to guests when they see a wall studded with fresh, colourful flowers. It’s also a good place to put up the signage for the event, as a sort of ‘branding’ strategy, so that every picture that the guests take includes the event name.

Flower walls at the entrance would work extremely well for parties that have a cocktails area before the main event, so guests can have something to admire while waiting for the program to start.

A Backdrop To The Bridal Table

Bridal Table Flower Wall

Flowers are undeniably a ubiquitous part of any wedding, and flower walls take it to the next level. Add some flowery class to your bridal table by setting up a flower wall as a backdrop. This will give your photos a nice touch, even if it’s a candid photo of you and your new husband enjoying the party. Even your non-photographer friends will be able to take great pictures of you if the backdrop is an elegant and luxurious flower wall.

Background For Photos

Flower Wall Backdrop

Guests enjoy taking pictures of beautiful events, and a flower wall makes for an excellent backdrop to guest photos. Be sure to place the flower wall at a conspicuous area in the venue so that guests will be able to see it easily, but also where it would not obstruct a pathway or create a bottleneck of guests vying for a good photograph.

Try looking for a spot to the side of the event hall, away from front and centre, especially if the event is a wedding (you don’t want to steal focus away from the bride and groom!). Make sure that it has enough space to take group photos, and that it is illuminated by good lighting.

At the end of the day, a flower wall serves as a beautiful decorative piece for your event. You want to be able to enjoy it during the event as well as afterwards through photos, so make sure that you display it in a good area.