In this golden age of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, taking amazing photos is at the top of almost every guest’s to-do list at an event. That’s why event stylists, florists and organisers have been adding touches of ‘Instagrammable’ decorations to their events, so guests can have fun taking pictures and posting them on social media, complete with #BestEventEver!

Props for Wedding

Flower walls are one of these Instagrammable decorations. They are typically used as a backdrop for photos, and guests will flock to these flower walls to have their pictures taken. And in today’s world where everyone has a camera phone, more people are becoming adept at taking photos with their mobiles. It’s quite a skill to master, and good photography is not just about the camera itself; the person behind the lens is even more important when it comes to taking amazing photos, even with just an iPhone.

Allow us to give you some tips on taking great pictures in front of a flower wall, so the next time you come to an event where the flower wall is just oh-so-beautiful, you can have one of your best photos. Can you say, ‘Ooh, profile pic!’

Choose the Right Angle

Sometimes, just changing your angle a bit can make a huge difference in your photos. When you’re the one taking photos, always be at eye level with your subject or above. Shooting below eye level is not flattering for anyone, but shooting from above gives a great angle.

Check this out…

Portrait Angles

When you’re in front of the camera, angle your body and face so they’re slightly turned. You’ve seen celebrity red carpet photos – they don’t face the camera head-on, but angle their body slightly. It also helps if you know your ‘good side’, so you can adjust accordingly.

Flash or No Flash?

If the flower wall already has great lighting, you can make do without the flash even if the party is indoors. But if the lighting is poor, or there are shadows, a flash can produce better photos. Camera phones don’t provide many options for the extra lighting – it’s either flash or no flash – but with digital cameras, you can adjust the settings so that the flash doesn’t give off too harsh a light for the photo. You can also use an external flash, but when you’re at a party as a guest, you probably won’t be lugging around photography gear. To be sure, try taking photos with and without a flash, and see which one comes out better.

Those mini clip-on ring lights for your phone are actually not too bad – far better than the inbuilt flash on your phone, and almost always better than the indoor light that’s available. You can find them all over the place (ebay, aliexpress etc) and they’re all pretty much the same!

Right Light in Photobooth

Still on the subject of light, it’s best if the light source is in front of you, not below or to the side. That’s also something to keep in mind when you’re putting up a flower wall for pictorial purposes. Never put the lights below. Place the lights overhead or in front for best results.

Werk It, Girl!

Lastly, you want to smile and pose for the camera! The flower wall is your backdrop, not the main subject. The flowers are there because they’re beautiful and this event is a celebration, so don’t look like you’re at a funeral.

In order to smile better (that is, more naturally), you can think of someone or something you like. This will prompt you to smile authentically, and that’s the best kind of smile you can give.

Flower Wall Smiling

When it comes to posing, you don’t need to do a Tyra Banks to have a great photo. If you’ve already mastered your perfect angle, then great! If not, just make sure your hands are doing something. If you let them just hang there, you might look too awkward or stiff. Something as simple as putting your hands in your pockets or your arms around your friends’ shoulders will work.

Have a Blast!

Finally, get crazy and fun! If you’re with your friends, try doing different poses as a group. Use the flower wall creatively, use each other as props, and get photos of yourselves enjoying the event. If you’re at a wedding reception, nothing will make the newlyweds happier than seeing that their friends and family had a blast on their big day. (Well, maybe there is one thing that made them happier – they’re the ones who got married, after all!)

Take lots of photos, go nuts. Chances are, you’ll find at least a couple of shots that are Instagram-worthy. The rest can stay within your group chat, as remnants of a happy memory. Taking pictures should be a fun thing to do, so put on your best dress and smile for the camera!