One of my favourite things about working in the events industry is that I get to see people coming together and celebrating life. From births to weddings and birthdays – there’s something breathtaking about being part of people’s joys and victories, even if it is just to help them with celebrating it. Our floral arches and other items have seen many birthdays, weddings and other such parties.

But if there is any event I love being part of most, it is weddings. I love getting to see people’s unique personalities based on their choices of how they want to celebrate their love, the designs they pick, the colour motif, the bride’s gown – every detail reflects the couple’s personality.

Whimsical wedding bride

Brides have different personalities, styles and tastes especially when it comes to their weddings. Through the years, I’ve observed that no matter how varied these wedding themes are, brides want the same thing: meaning. They want every element of their wedding, their celebration of love and commitment, to be full of meaning not just for them but also for their family and friends. From the kind of flowers that they pick down to the choice of food, weddings reflect tradition and symbolism. One of these long-standing traditions is the use of an arch during the ceremony.

Getting married under a wedding arch symbolizes many things across various cultures. The arch of the Jewish huppah, for example, is considered to be protection for the couple. For others, it symbolizes the home that the couple will build for the rest of their lives. The four poles that make up the arch also symbolize the parents of the bride and groom. For non-denominational weddings, the arch is used as a focal point for the entire wedding setup. It gives a background for the couple as they say their vows and is often the first thing that guests see as they enter the venue.

The arch has been used for years even in non-religious weddings. However, in the last five years, there has been a revival in the use of the wedding arch like we have never seen before. Now more than ever, brides request a wedding arch for their ceremonies. From outdoor to indoor weddings, you will often see a range of wedding arch designs that fit the overall theme, tying all the visual elements together. You will see minimalist designs of arches with only slender poles and bits of chiffon flowing gracefully over them, or elaborate floral masterpieces that can rival the presence of the bride.

Beach Wedding Arch

Among the many popular themes for weddings nowadays is the whimsical motif with lots of floral pieces and that shabby chic, not-so-put-together vibe. Whether it’s a wedding by the beach, up a hill, or at an indoor venue, most brides love the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful flowers on their special day. The wedding arch is one of the most creative and flexible ways brides can use flowers in their wedding setup.

The floral arch symbolizes fertility and a life full of colour. Not only that, it draws the eyes to the altar and will definitely serve as a beautiful frame for the couple’s photos. The floral arch can set the mood of the entire ceremony. It communicates to the guests who you are as a couple, as well.

How, you may ask?

Well, for couples who are adventurous, you’ll often see an eccentric choice of flowers or décor that they put on the actual arch. You’ll also be able to tell if the couple has classic taste based on the structure and shape of their arch.

The best thing about having a floral arch is you can customize it however you wish. I’ve known brides who have gone all DIY-crazy on their wedding arch, resulting in a truly personal and unique piece that left their guests awestruck. Some choose to have a stylist painstakingly design their arches, and that’s no less beautiful. Whichever way brides choose to do it, there is no denying that arches have become a staple for weddings in the last five years and now more than ever. All over the world, brides have fallen in love with arches of all shapes and forms. I’ve even seen quite an eccentric-looking arch made of bare twigs and formed into a large circle.

If you’re a bride-to-be with a wedding to plan, our variety of wedding arches will suit your needs, whatever style it is.