Props-picking is one of the most exciting parts of event planning. It’s like the decorating department of the planning, and who doesn’t like decorating stuff? Practically no one! The only problem you can have about props is getting too carried away with it.

People usually get so overwhelmed with their options that they forget to consider the specifics of their events. Your goal is to make your event beautiful and memorable, and by memorable, we mean in the positive way. With all the camera phones lurking in the corners, it would be hard to move on from a disastrous-looking party.

So to help you stay on the right path, here’s a quick guide in planning a props list.

1. Pick Event-Appropriate Props

Yes, it’s really hard to say “no” to all the cute props you see online. It’s understandable, especially if you are super excited about your upcoming event. However, it is important to look at things from a different perspective when deciding which props to use. If you let your excitement get the best of you, you might end up with props that barely match what the event is all about. You wanna be called unique and creative, but only in the right ways.

Props for Event

For example, using a giant seashell as an on-stage prop is great for a Little-Mermaid-inspired kids’ party. However, if used in a wedding, even in one that has a beach setting, the giant seashell may not look very fitting. This is mainly because giant seashells offer a playful touch to the scene, making it more suited at a children’s party than in elegant events such as weddings.

Of course, there will always be exceptions, but it is for the experts to see. Getting an event designers’ assistance will help you incorporate your desired props without losing the theme of the event. There are certain props that will look good at certain events, but only if they’re added in properly.

2. Consider Other Elements Like Food and Venue

When deciding on props, there are other tiny elements that you can take into consideration. For one, there’s food. Let’s be real, food is practically one of the most anticipated parts of the party. Guests are usually very excited to fill in their tummies after participating in your program.

Buffet At Wedding

So, if the food being served is extra fancy, you can use props that will help showcase this fact. Floral props are a conventional way to go, but you can also go as far as having a small water fountain in the buffet corner.

The same principle applies when taking the venue into consideration. If the event is set in a place with minimalistic design, having fountains as props may be too much. In such cases, earth colored frames and wooden objects could do well as props. The goal is to make sure that every element of the party gets along with each other.

3. You Can Also Show Some Personality

While you want to actively avoid getting unfitting props for your event, you would also want to add a touch of personality to the look of the party. If it’s a wedding, consider the couple’s character. Social media frames for photo booths are pretty cool for couples who are very active online. Cartoon cut-outs are perfect for children’s parties. Nevertheless, it’s not always easy to personalize an event to showcase people’s personalities, especially adults’. This is why you only do this very subtly or with the help of an events expert.

4. Don’t Take Physical Appeal for Granted

The first thing you should ask yourself before saying yes to a potential prop is “How will this look in the party?” Quality is a priority in events planning. So if you know from the start that a certain prop would look a bit off in the event’s setting, it’s better to skip it.

5. Usability and Comfort are Priorities, Too

Props are usually just there to add visual appeal to the party, but if you can give them another purpose, then go ahead! Adding artistic backgrounds for picture-taking is one way to do it. Having colourful or vintage benches that guests can actually sit on is another. And while we’re talking about the user-experience aspect of the props, don’t forget to put people’s comfort on top of your priorities as well. Try to avoid props that can block the walkways or those that can hinder people from moving freely.

Rustic Wedding Chair

Just put quality on top of your standards and you won’t go wrong in planning your props list. Make sure you only get the most appropriate, the prettiest and the most suited props for your party. You can experiment a bit, just make sure to first ask a pro and think things through.