Traditionally, couples avoid inviting kids to their weddings.

You can’t blame them, of course. After all, kids can become a handful, especially when they become bored. They’ll be running around, bumping into tables and waiters, or they would be throwing tantrums especially when asked to stay in their chairs and sit still.

Kids At Wedding

But weddings are supposed to be for families, kids included. This is why we believe that kids don’t necessarily have to be excluded from the guest list. With a little creativity and adjustment, you can make weddings just as enjoyable for kids as they are for the grown-ups.

Here are a few ideas that will make your wedding kid-friendly.

1. Kiddie Corner

Why do kids get bored during weddings? What prompts them to start running around?

For one, kids have no interest in whatever the hot topic is around the table. Second, they don’t really understand what the rituals and practices are. Third, they just want to play.

So why not gather all the kids in the same table or corner and give them something to do while the adults are doing the usual wedding stuff?

Play area at wedding for kids

Prepare colouring sheets that feature the same theme as your wedding, or have them work on a few puzzles. You can even have someone manning the kiddie corner, hosting a few games they could enjoy as well. This way, you can let the kids focus on just being kids, even in the middle of a formal wedding reception.

2. Kiddie Menu

Food is another issue when it comes to kids in weddings. How can you expect them to enjoy food whose name they can’t even pronounce?

The simple solution? Prepare a separate children’s menu. Just because the adults are munching through foie gras and sushi does not mean the kids can’t enjoy chicken and spaghetti. After all, nothing calms a hungry kid better than some comfort food.

Even the drinks can be kid-centric. Serve colourful milkshakes and juices. Offer them desserts they probably can’t eat at home as often. Expect a bit of sugar rush right after, but with the activities you’ve prepared for them, it will be easier to get them to focus all their energy into the right place.

3. Kiddie Décor

But wouldn’t that kiddie corner ruin the décor we intricately planned for?

Not really!

Just because it’s a kid’s corner doesn’t mean you have to break the consistency of your event. Use the same colour motif. If your wedding is flower-themed, then don’t hesitate to fill your kiddie corner with flowers as well. You can even add an interesting twist by using paper flowers that replicate the actual flowers over at the adult side of the party.

4. Kiddie Loot Bags

Loot bags aren’t just for birthday parties – they can be for weddings, too.

Fill up those loot bags with candy. And not just any kind of candy, you can find ways to personalize as well. For example, you can repackage the usual candy in wrappers that bear your monogram. You can also order candies that match your wedding’s colour motif.

Kids Party Bags At Event

You can add small toys into the bag as well, if you want. If you have a pink and purple colour pattern, maybe you can commission for teddy bears or dolls that bear the same tones. Be as creative as you want! These are kids after all, so whatever they find inside their individual bags will be like treasure to them.

Just imagine. You can celebrate your wedding without having to make your guests scramble around for a sitter. And though some parents may see this occasion as a bit of a break away from their kids, more parents would probably appreciate the fact that they get to enjoy this special event with their own complete family.

Besides, wouldn’t the wedding pictures be a lot better if you see every single member of the family present and beaming at the camera? And if you play your cards just right, the kiddie corner would probably be a dream for your chosen wedding photographer to shoot. It will be, after all, a very cool addition to the usual pictures you see at everyone else’s weddings.

Weddings are meant to be fun, not just for the grown-ups, but for kids as well. Making it exclusive for adults may be the norm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go against what the usual practice is. Nowadays, weddings are more about creativity, fun and uniqueness instead of simply following how weddings have always been done for decades.