Have you ever attended an event and immediately thought to yourself, ‘This is gonna be a great night!’…

That might have something to do with the ambience of the place. Parties are places where people experience things, so the right ambience is important when planning an event. It sets the mood for the entire party, and no one wants to enter a room and feel a negative vibe.

Bad Vibes Event

Having said that, creating the perfect atmosphere to make you and your guests feel comfortable and happy during the event can be difficult, but is in no way impossible. Given the right approach, you will find your guests thoroughly enjoying themselves at your party.

Business and corporate events thrown for the public or for clients may have professional rather than personal goals, but the right atmosphere can still affect how your guests view the event. Positive feelings may instil brand loyalty, while guests leaving the party angrily, or even simply finding the event boring would bring about some bad PR.

Here we give you a few tips and tricks to create a positive atmosphere for your event, leaving your guests feeling awesome and with a sense of enjoyment.

Music Makes A Difference

Music to Create Atmosphere

It’s no secret that the type of music sets the mood for any event. Think of a rave party, with the sounds of hip-hop or electro-pop music reverberating throughout the venue. Now think of a classy and sophisticated wedding, with the soothing melodies of a string quartet. Big difference, huh?

Make sure that your party has the right music that would go with the theme and the ambience that you want your guests to experience. You can mix it up so you know that everyone will like at least some of the music.

Colours Can Liven Up The Party

Colour does so much more than decorate a room. According to what is called colour psychology, different colours can evoke different feelings in people. While you won’t necessarily get a roomful of hostile people with a red-dominated colour scheme, it still stands to reason that colours will certainly brighten up an event.

Bright colours may signify a fun party, while pastel and muted tones suggest more subtle and subdued elegance. Depending on your theme or event, you can sample different colour palettes until you find one that evokes the right kind of emotions for you.

Props Make Anything More Fun

Props for a Wedding

Nothing says fun and creativity quite like a bunch of different props. Having a beach-themed event? Have bottles of coloured sand at the tables, pebbles, even beach balls. You can even provide a few items that people can use as props in front of your flower wall, for their own photos.

Be careful not to go overboard, though. You don’t want your event to look like a storehouse for movie props. A few items here and there would do the trick, as long as they go with your theme.

Venues Are Not Just Spaces

It’s also important to choose the right venue if you want the right ambience. Depending on what kind of event you’re hosting, the venue must be appropriate in terms of size, layout, and the overall environment. For weddings, you’d ideally want a space that you can decorate however you like, with room for dancing and taking lots of photos. For other formal but corporate events such as an awards night, you would probably need to set up a stage, and an area backstage.

Boho Wedding Venue

The right venue also means the right location. Consider your guests and how they will arrive – will they need parking? Will they arrive by public transportation? How far is the venue from where most of the guests will come from? All of these will definitely have an impact on the overall atmosphere of your event, and how your guests will enjoy themselves.

You will be able to tell that your event was successful by your guests’ experiences. Make sure that everyone enjoys the party by taking into account the music and sounds, lights, decorations and the space itself. It takes many things to create a truly enjoyable and memorable event – let yours be one of those affairs!