So you’ve finally decided that you want to put up a flower wall for your big day. You’ve chosen your colour palette, your favourite flowers and your venue. There’s only one question that remains:

How big of a flower wall do you need?

The most popular flower wall size for events is usually 2.2 meters in height and width. Of course, the size of your flower wall will depend on a number of factors.

Your Venue and Where the Flower Wall Will Be Placed

Big venues call for big flower walls. If you’re holding your event at a place with high ceilings, a small flower wall might go unnoticed and will be underwhelming. Flower walls are a great focal point for the venue, so you have to make sure that it stands out from the rest of the decorations.

Flower Wall In Venue

If you have a gigantic venue but you plan on placing the flower wall at the entrance or foyer, then, of course, you have to consider the space you have to work with. If you want to display the wall in front as a backdrop for the bride and groom, then it’s better to go big.

Your Budget

Another obvious factor that will help you decide on the size of your flower wall is your budget. From our experience, we recommend that you invest in decorations, such as the flower wall, since the atmosphere of the event will influence how your guests enjoy the party.

If you are on a tight budget, you can cut corners in other ways such as rethinking the menu or drinks. I’ve found that some of the best wedding’s I’ve been to have been less focused on the food, versus some weddings with 5-course degustation menu’s which ‘eat’ (awesome pun, I know) into all the time and before you know it the wedding is over – and who really remembers the food anyway (unless you’re a true foodie and in that case it’s totally worth it).

How You Will Use It

Flower walls have a variety of functions at an event. Some people use it as a backdrop where guests can take pictures, some choose to display photographs on their walls, while others place them behind the buffet table.

Photo Backdrop at Wedding

For picture-taking purposes, you would want a big flower wall so large groups of people can fit comfortably in front of the wall. The kind of event you have will also influence this. For example, weddings bring together all the couple’s friends and family, who would most likely take dozens of snapshots during the event.

Your Desired Effect

Do you aim to absolutely wow your guests with your flower wall? Or will your flower wall just serve as a minor element in your overall decor aesthetic? What types of flowers do you prefer? Big blooms offer a slightly different effect than small, cute flowers. For our flower walls, we typically do a mix of big and small flowers to present a nice, balanced aesthetic.

Stunning flower walls can bring out the joy in celebrations. Imagine going to an event with dull decorations, minimal lighting and plain table settings. Feels more like a seminar than a celebration, doesn’t it?

Our clients tell us what they want for their wall, and we do the rest. You want your guests to feel the happiness that your event aims to project. This is one of the functions of event styling and decoration. You can influence how your guests feel with the type of decorations that you put up. Flowers say elegance, joy and positivity. For a touch of creativity, go for flower walls.

Final Thoughts

If you are still struggling to decide on the size of your flower wall, remember this general rule: When in doubt, go all out. In our years of providing flower walls for our clients, we’ve found out that it is better to have them too big than too small.

Flower Wall Size

If you will spend money on beautiful flowers and decorations, then you want your guests to be able to see and enjoy them well. This means going big. After all, most functions of a flower wall call for them to be significantly sizable, so you can’t go wrong with big.

Your venue will perhaps be the biggest determinant of the size of your flower wall. If you are holding your event at a huge place, then the other factors – your budget, the function and your desired effect – will be considered. If you have a small venue, you’ll most likely be limited.

But again, we recommend erring on the side of enormity – that is, a flower wall that overwhelms is better than a flower wall that underwhelms.

So, go ahead and order that beautiful, towering flower wall for your event. If you’re still unsure, call us and we’ll be happy to help.