Where are you hosting your event?”

Most people ask this question after learning about your plans for a party or event. The venue is a big part of the celebration and can oftentimes make or break it. Where your event is held may affect the attendance rate, the overall enjoyment of your guests, and even your decoration ideas.

Event Hire Business

You may think that choosing a venue for your event is straightforward. In some ways, it is; but there’s a lot more to it than simply picking out a place from a list of possibilities.

When you’re planning an event, there are a lot of questions you need to think about. How should you arrange the tables? What type of lights do you need to convey the perfect atmosphere during the celebration? How much should I really be spending for the caterer or for wedding souvenirs? Should I place the stage here or there?

The truth is, event planning can be exhausting and downright stressful. That’s why it’s great to use an event hire company to help you, especially when it comes to planning around your venue.

Aside from the obvious benefit of reduced stress on your part, getting an event hire business will also afford you the following advantages.

More Options

When you’re DIY-ing your event, you will most likely rely only on the amenities and facilities that your venue provides. An event hire business can offer more options and may even bring up choices that you haven’t considered or haven’t thought about.

Event hire companies often have in-house stylists who can also offer you their ideas on decorations. You want a flower wall? The stylist can suggest specific places in your venue where it would look best. They might also suggest alternative decorative elements that would suit your venue, in the event that your preferences might not work with the place.

Maximise the Venue Space

Different venues have different layouts and facilities, and event hire companies are more familiar with them and know how to maximise the space. An advantage of getting an event hire to do your event is that more often than not, they would already have experience holding an event in your venue. They know the dimensions of the space, which of their equipment is compatible with the venue, and other details you might not even consider.

You might not notice it, but there’s a certain art to determining the event layout in a venue. For example, the buffet table needs to have enough space for people to line up and get food without disturbing people at nearby tables. Also, you don’t want the food to be near the loo, so you might want to place the buffet away from it.

Event Hire Styling

How the tables are arranged can also affect the atmosphere of your event, though you may not realise it. Event hires are aware of this, and they can set up the table layout in such a way that people would not feel like they are in a maze every time they have to step outside, go to the loo or get dessert.

And of course, you don’t want the stage or the front space to be near doors, if you want to avoid interruptions or distractions in the programme by people going in and out.

All these and more are already on the task list of a professional event hire, so you can be sure you won’t find someone coming out of the gents’ room in front of you while you’re helping yourself to a hot bowl of soup.

Smoother Communication Between and Among Event Suppliers

Event planning takes some amazing organisational skills. You’re dealing with several vendors and making sure that they deliver their services on time. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that they are bringing what you ordered to the event.

Event Hire Stylist

The key is effective, efficient and smooth communication between and among your vendors. The people who will set up the stage need to know where the lights and sound system will be. The caterer needs to know the layout of the venue to determine where to set up the buffet table. The host needs to know what types of presentations the photographer or videographer has, or if they have one at all.

So save yourself the stress and get an event hire company to do all these, and more – and obviously if you live anywhere around the Gold Coast area then we’d recommend Sage Event Hire – that’s us! Many wedding planners actually use event hire businesses for a more integrated planning strategy. They may charge a finder’s fee, but the extra investment is worth it when you see your once-drab events space transformed into a fabulous party venue.