No special event should come to an end without any means of recording it as a precious memory. Perhaps in a few years, you’d like to be able to revisit those happy moments of your life. And what better way to preserve those memories than to take tons of photos or videos?

We all know that it’s never a complete party today without selfies and group photos, so why not transform your party into a place that’s super photogenic? Your guests will appreciate how much thought you’ve given to making such a beautiful event.

Balloon Wall vs Flower Wall

Having a balloon wall or a flower wall is one inexpensive way to bring colour to the party. But having two attractive options available makes the decision-making very tough. How do you know which one is the right option for your event? Here are some important notes you may want to consider before making a decision…

Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Flower Wall or Balloon Wall

1. Theme and Mood

The event theme is the most important factor to consider when decorating for any occasion. Having a theme for your event is more than just picking out colours and making sure every piece of décor matches the colour palette. It is also about forming a story or a mood.

Event Hire Theme

A flower wall is best used for events that call for a more formal and elegant look. Flowers are very ornate and they can easily dress up a whole room. With a wide variety of flowers available, it’s recommended to choose blooms that will fit the event’s colour scheme and overall theme as well.

A balloon wall, on the other hand, is perhaps best for a more casual and youthful themed party. After all, balloons are often associated with kids’ birthday parties. However, you will be surprised at how flexible balloons can be. A lot of people usually limit their choices to the colour of balloons available. But actually, they can come in different shapes and sizes.

2. Location

The next thing to consider when choosing décor for your party is the event location. An outdoor party may put a balloon wall at risk, especially on windy days. They are also more vulnerable to outdoor objects that may cause them to burst. Meanwhile, a flower wall will obviously not have such problems when placed in an outdoor setting.

On the other hand, there are certainly event locations where flowers may not seem to fit in. This may be due to the preconceived image of a certain location. Such areas may be a club or at a bar. The key is to visit the event location to have a feel of its surroundings. Deciding on which type of wall to choose will become a lot easier.

3. Amount of Space

In relation to the event’s setting and location, it is also important to consider the amount of available space you have. A balloon wall may virtually take up more space than a flower wall. It is also important to note the visual space of a room. Big and beautiful blooms are precious to look at but if a lot of them were bunched together in a tiny room, it can appear overdecorated.

In such cases, it might be a good idea to switch to smaller buds that are in a more neutral colour. A balloon wall might also be a good alternative since a balloon’s simple shape makes it less elaborate than a flower.

4. Design

Because a flower is already beautiful on its own, it is a lot easier to create a seemingly detailed design with just one wall. However, filling up the space of the wall would also depend on the size and the type of flower you would like to use. This is important especially if you are looking to create a full wall. Opting for smaller buds would obviously require more materials to cover up space.

Event Hire Flower Theme

However, a balloon wall can definitely fill up a lot more space with fewer materials used. The great thing about them is that they are flexible and they come in a lot of fun colours as well. The classic balloon can also be twisted and formed into various beautiful shapes.


Both a flower wall and a balloon wall can offer so much to your party. Not only will they make your event space beautiful, they can also make it extra memorable as well. Choosing between the two may be difficult but as long as you’ve taken these factors into consideration, you will be able to find the right option for your event.