Bars are growing in popularity and it looks like almost everyone has jumped on the bar trend.  It makes a room more welcoming and can even be a conversation starter with the right mix of food and drinks. However, not everyone has a penchant for sprucing up a bar. With a little help from the Internet, you can get some ideas on how to style your bar to make it more inviting.

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Bars vary in design and configuration. These days, planners are given more flexibility in styling a bar, taking the themes into consideration.

Styling Essentials

When styling a bar, the accessories must be kept in mind. Themed cocktails are definitely appealing to guests. Aside from creating a thoughtful vibe, they are also an attractive centrepiece.

If you want to create a warmer look, why not add some rustic touches. Wooden accents and potted plants will do the trick. If you want your bar to have a warm glow, go for bronze and gold pieces. Gold accents are considered to be classy. They also make your space inviting. If you want to give your bar a masculine touch, bright blue accents will definitely give it a bold look.

When choosing the right style, there are key elements that you cannot afford to miss. These are the menu, venue and theme. The venue dictates the type of decor you are going to choose. It should be used as the basis for choosing your bar decor. The theme also plays an important role in styling the bar. Your menu also finalizes your bar’s overall presentation. Be sure to come up with a menu that suits your theme.

The Importance of Choosing a Theme

A theme gives your event or party a sense of uniqueness and style. It also provides your guests with an idea about the vibe you are trying to give off. Before accessorizing the bar, I will consider choosing a styling idea. I suggest listing all the possible themes, then take your pick. While themes may not be mandatory, using a specific colour to set the mood is highly recommended.

Outdoor Wedding Bar Styling

If you wish to consider DIY styling, make sure you don’t focus on one colour. Explore the colour palette. Combine colours based on the style you want to create. If you intend to throw a party in summer, soft pastel colours are your best options.

Although you are concentrating on styling the bar, don’t forget about your tables and chairs as well. Again, keep your theme or colours in mind. If it’s a summer party, decorate your tables and chairs with flowers as they create a relaxing ambience.

What to Serve

I would have to agree that drinks are the secret recipe to setting up a successful bar cart. You might get carried away with the idea of adding bottles of liquor to your bar, but you still need to go for style when assembling your bar. The key here is to ensure that your guests will enjoy drinking. Put those pretty bottles and stylish glasses on display. Don’t forget to tie a few colourful balloons for an attention-grabbing bar cart.

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Alcohol provides an element of entertainment and brings strangers closer.  You may not want your party to be centred on alcohol so serve a limited amount. Limit alcohol to one or two glasses per person. Styling your bar will not be complete without serving food. If you have invited youngers guests, you will also need to set up a candy bar.

An event must be built around a specific food and beverage. Regardless of the event you are hosting, it is important to include food in your planning objectives. Your bar may look classy but without the right food, your efforts will go to waste.

A bar gives guests the opportunity to share a meal, share ideas or make a connection. Put effort into your menu selection. Avoid blindly choosing the food just because it has the lowest price. Be creative and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Accessorize to Display Your Personality

You don’t want a drab-looking bar, do you? Accessories bring life to your bar. Be sure to take the time to find key pieces that will give your bar a unique look. Think about the overall mood you wish to set. Personalizing your bar cart will give your guests a glimpse into your interests and personality.

Styling the bar does not have to be a daunting task. As bar carts are increasingly popular, you will never run out of styling ideas. Use your creativity and imagination for an Instagram-worthy setup.