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Our collection is always growing, from flower walls and arches to kids play areas and fun games for kids at heart.

We aim to stock what's in trend to suit any style of wedding, party or event - from the low-key to formal.

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Our warehouse is located on the Gold Coast and we can deliver up to North Brisbane, and down to Byron Bay, but if you're a little out of this range it's still possible to organise a delivery or a pickup.

Depending on what you're hiring, setup can take up to 2 hours, and it's best to allow for this to be completed at least a few hours before your event begins to allow for unforseen situations.

Props-picking is one of the most exciting parts of event planning. It’s like the decorating department of the planning, and who doesn’t like decorating stuff? Practically no one! The only problem you can have about props is getting too carried away with it. People usually get so overwhelmed with their options that they forget to…
Traditionally, couples avoid inviting kids to their weddings. You can’t blame them, of course. After all, kids can become a handful, especially when they become bored. They’ll be running around, bumping into tables and waiters, or they would be throwing tantrums especially when asked to stay in their chairs and sit still. But weddings are…
No special event should come to an end without any means of recording it as a precious memory. Perhaps in a few years, you’d like to be able to revisit those happy moments of your life. And what better way to preserve those memories than to take tons of photos or videos? We all know…
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